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Lessons from the Past for Urban Policy in the Era of Trump

The stunning election of Donald Trump as president throws the future of urban policy into doubt. During the campaign he promised to bring new jobs and improved infrastructure to the inner cities, but so far he has furnished no details. Some of the strategies carried out by cities and states in the past may offer the incoming administration some guidance.



No Interrupting Peter Thiel: Zero to One

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If entrepreneurialism, venture capital, and tech start up are your thing--this is exactly the kind of info you need to help evaluate proposals, perform due diligence on applications, understand tech business plans, and in general, familiarize yourself with technology business formation. Otherwise, this book can be a great crib sheet to follow the TV hit "Silicon Valley". It is alleged by some that Thiel is the inspiration for the show's character, Peter Gregory. I recommend Zero to One because it challenges our conventional principles about young tech companies, and introduces the reader to a new way of thinking and offers economic developers new ideas on how to evaluate potentially successful tech start up. Or if you prefer, it does make HBO's Silicon Valley more hilarious. Continue Reading...