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Lessons from the Past for Urban Policy in the Era of Trump

The stunning election of Donald Trump as president throws the future of urban policy into doubt. During the campaign he promised to bring new jobs and improved infrastructure to the inner cities, but so far he has furnished no details. Some of the strategies carried out by cities and states in the past may offer the incoming administration some guidance.



The American Dream

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WHO STOLE MY LILY WHITE RICH SUBURBS??? Hardly anyone talks about economic development and the suburbs. Why should they-they are all the same: rich, white pillagers of central cities and purveyors of sprawl. In a world composed of mega cities, SMSAs, and multi-county economic regions, does anyone care what is going on in the suburbs? Saint that he is, the Curmudgeon does! In this review, he discusses Bernadette Hanlon's Once the American Dream: Inner-Ring Suburbs of the Metropolitan United States. His basic points include: the suburbs exist-deal with them? Suburbs are not all the same--they are very different and a prerequisite for successful economic development is to deal with their diversity realistically, not through ideology or residential preferences. Continue Reading...