Executive Summary

Lessons from the Past for Urban Policy in the Era of Trump

The stunning election of Donald Trump as president throws the future of urban policy into doubt. During the campaign he promised to bring new jobs and improved infrastructure to the inner cities, but so far he has furnished no details. Some of the strategies carried out by cities and states in the past may offer the incoming administration some guidance.



The Ghost of Christmas Present: Ok, It’s Not True But Is There a Truism That Is True?

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  Birch in 1994 said gazelles created jobs, and the initial article we view by Spencer Tracy et al redefines gazelles into something called high-impact firms. But the question as to whether a high impact firm, being generally older, was previously a start up, raises the issue as to whether economic development programs should help new start ups and entrepreneurs or whether economic developers should assist high impact firms which are firms that have been around for awhile (Edward Lowe Foundation calls them second stage companies and we shall discuss Lowe Foundation's approach in our third review, the Ghost of Christmas Future). If the latter, then economic development should principally focus on existing firms-economic gardening; if the former we should help to create and assist start up firms (p.7 Tracy, 2008). Continue Reading...