Local Culture, Politics, and Economic Development

Economic development is much, much more than mere economics and economic development strategies!


Don’t agree? How about conducting a public hearing, making a presentation at a legislative budget hearing, reading a newspaper report on your last Board meeting, and stumbling upon some irate idiot at the grocery store or the Saturday night social event. Economic developers live in, and work for, communities full of people, not economic regions populated by statistics and methodologies. Communities have a history, cultural values and beliefs, governments and politicians, conflicting interest and demographic groups–and every so often some bozo from the State or Federal government wanders in to help put “order” in your life. Economics is important to economic development, but doing, working and living economic development is a lot more than just economics.

And that is why we have the theme Local Culture, Politics, and Economic Development.

Articles in 'Local Culture, Politics, and Economic Development'

American Nations

If you want to make sense of your community’s politics and political values, maybe you’d best understand how the Founding Fathers (and Mothers, of course) thought! American Nations goes back to the beginnings to explain how citizens think and vote today.