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Yogi Berra supposedly claimed "the future ain't what it used to be" --- well either is our past.

Back to the Future of American Economic Development.

How we got to where we are today helps to understand how we get to where we need to go. 

A bold new approach for the Journal of Applied Research in Economic Development is appearing on your screen in April.

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January 2011

The Deepest Trench: Distressed Communities that Refuse to Revitalize

As our initial review, I wanted to select a theme on which I was eminently qualified to speak. That issue has to be “decline”. I spent over eleven years as CEO of a major economic development organization in Erie County (Buffalo), New York. During my tenure, I presided over a decade of frustrating, solution defying population and job loss, and to make matters ever more pleasurable, was usually cited as an important cause of that decline. Accordingly, when I read the Hamilton Project report I was impressed that a prominent research think tank had called attention to a real but ignored, situation; a group of beleaguered communities no longer had to suffer in shame and isolation.

January 2011

Clusters: Sexy but Mysterious and Elusive

Richard Dreyfuss looks out the window of his ascending airplane and sees the girl of his dreams, the girl he had spent a weekend chasing and never finding, driving off into the proverbial sunrise-never ever to be seen again. So ends American Graffiti. The frustration and disappointment which ends that story is the beginning of […]

January 2011

Welcome to the New Journal

New times and new realities command change and adaptation. The Journal of Applied Research in Economic Development is no exception. With the beginning of the New Year, Volume 8, we introduce our latest and greatest version of the Journal. The NEW Journal is exclusively online. The core of the new Journal will be two reviews, published each month, under the byline “In the Trenches”. “In the Trenches” is our “above the fold” cornerstone around which the reviews will focus, reflecting our central purpose of translating academic and think tank research into the language of local economic directors in the field. We invite your feedback and contributions.