Commentary on Contemporary American State and Local Economic Development



The various reviews and commentary prepared by the Curmudgeon are grouped into themes. Each review offers the reader our take on an issue important to economic developers. The selection of themes will be changed from time to time. We will let you know when new commentaries come out, or new themes are presented for review.

Each of the below Themes provides access to five to ten past commentaries. These commentaries provide background theory, explanation, analysis and critique to deepen and sharpen professional expertise.


“Has Economic Development Lost its Ability to Innovate: Can We Practice What We Preach?

 Or Choose from Topic Area

Innovation, Knowledge-Based Economic Development: the Paradigm

Strategies, Tools, Case Studies, and Tricks of the ED Trade

Clusters, Suburbs and Regionalism: Placed-Based ED

ED Political Culture and Local Politics 

Community Development

Human Capital

ED Profession