Theme 3 Modules

Antebellum and Post-Civil War Southern Economic Development

Part I: Antebellum Southern Economic Development

Module 2–Mini-Series A: (1) Let’s Start with Southern Political Cultures: Tidewater and the Scots-Irish

Module 3–Mini-Series A: (2) Let’s Start with Southern Political Cultures: The Barbadian-South Carolina Deep South

Module 4–Mini-Series B: (1) The Cotton Belt as the Deep South’s Economic Base; Why Agriculture? Why Cotton?

Module 5–Mini-Series B: (2A) Cotton Belt Starts with Scots-Irish in Upland Counties of South Carolina

Module 6–Mini-series B (2B) Deep South Political Culture Integrated Into South Carolina and Georgia State Policy Systems

Module 7–Mini-Series B (2C) Cotton’s Profit Life-Cycle: Tough Times for Cotton Leads to Upcountry Industrialization

Module 8–Mini-Series B: (3) Growth of the Cotton Belt: Historical, Economic and Geographic Overview

Module 9–Mini-Series B: (4) Alabama the First Notch in the Cotton “Belt”:  Divergent Cultures of ED

Module 10–Mini-Series C: (1) Southern Connect the Dots MED: There Ain’t No Dots–They’re Mountains

Module 11–Mini-Series C: (2) South Carolina Canals, Roads, and the Nation’s First Operating Railroad

Module 12–Mini-Series C: (3) South Carolina Tries to Be the “New York of the South”

Module 13–Mini-Series C: (4) Georgia Crosses the Appalachians and the Birth of Atlanta

Part II: Post-Civil War Southern Economic Development

Module 12: The War, Its Consequences, and the Reconstruction

Module 13: The South’s Divided Economic Development Mind and the Redeemer Policy System

Module 14–Mini-Series D: (1) The First “New South”

Module 15–Mini-Series D: (2) The Marshall Plan That Wasn’t: Compromise of 1877 and the Scott Plan–the South Get’s Shafted

Module 16–Mini-Series D: (3) The South Get’s “Railroaded” and Redeemer Gift and Loan Constitutional Clauses

Module 17–Mini-Series D: (4) The Rise of Birmingham: Louisville and National, City/Economic Base-Building an Industrial City, and Boston Money

Module 18: Knoxville, Tennessee: a Scots-Irish Highland City

Forthcoming by Columbus Day

Module 19: Atlanta, Chamber Politics to the 1890’s, the Southern Exposition Movement

Module 20: Southern Black Economic Development Strategies: Booker T. Washington, the Atlanta Compromise, and W.E.B. Du Bois Is Not Happy

Module 21: Charleston’s ED Copes with Populist Ben “Pitchfork” Tillman–and Mobile’s Challenge

Module 22: The Rise of North Carolina’s Textile Industry

Module 23: The Two Henry’s (Flager and Plant): City-Building in 19th Century Florida

Module 24: Not So Deep In the Heart of Dixie: the Emergence of Texan Southwest ED

Module 25: San Antonio, Houston, and the Early Development of Texan-Style ED

Module 1: An Introduction to Southern Nineteenth Century Economic Development

We’re Done For Now with the South, On to the West–You Hear!