The Journal at Six Months

June 2011

We are six months old. Did you ever think we would be around and kicking for so long? Not sure the Curmudgeon did, but judging by informal comments and reactions of our readership we seem to be filling a niche—a cranky (and sometimes windy) niche to be sure. But with the support of the C2ER Board of Directors/Management, especially a young lady named Rebecca, we are not only continuing but building upon our own knowledge-based, innovative and creative initiative (the Journal-in case you weren’t sure what the initiative was). Our success creates, not surprisingly, the need for bureaucracy. We are pleased to announce that we have not one, but two, Assistant Editors (William Cook and Kevin McAvey) and our Creative Visual Specialist, and office mate, Spencer Abrams.

Over the last few months we have tried different themes and varied our style. No one issue is really similar to another. This month is no different in that we depart from reviewing an academic or think tank article and proceed headlong into a pure blog or what the Curmudgeon calls an “essay”. Over the next few months some other changes are likely to occur. This month’s theme is Targeting and Cluster Attraction and we are already working on the next issue on Innovation and Knowledge-Based Economics.

A new web site for instance! We are on the threshold of launching our new web site which not only will present a different appearance but will permit a more interactive dialogue (the whippersnappers’ call it “chat”) with other readers along with the irascible Curmudgeon. The new web site will also allow easier access to past issues and other helpful features. We will, despite considerable pressure to the contrary, retain the dog-eared caricature of the Curmudgeon in a suit.

Also, please read the below section “Have You Ever Wanted to Write the Great American Novel?”. The Curmudgeon has less than zero desire to enjoy a monopoly in regards to the Journal. He will continue his “In the Trenches” commentary each month (or so), but our new web site offers the opportunity for others in the profession to submit articles and blog-like commentaries. Please take advantage of this and inflict your thoughts and research on a larger audience.

In the meantime, please let the Curmudgeon feel your wrath. Don’t hesitate to drop him a line to suggest ideas or comment on his ravings. The Curmudgeon has presided over several hundred public hearings in his professional career and he probably can handle a restrained comment or two from the peanut gallery. Other than that assignment, please enjoy the summer and take a print copy of our articles to the beach or mountains, especially if you take a parakeet with you on vacation (the bird cage needs a lining).



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