With great pride we introduce an EXPANDED Journal of Applied Research in Economic Development.

In addition to the Commentary On Contemporary State and Local Economic Development offered Since 2012

the Journal includes a NEW Online Course: History of American State & Local ED Since 1789

The Journal of Applied Research in Economic Development offers TWO quite different perspectives to better understand State and Local Economic Development. Our Commentaries on Contemporary State and Local Economic Development have been on the scene since 2012. For our established readership, these will continue, as will guest commentaries. But there is an exciting new addition to the Journal. It is an online course in the History of American State and Local Economic Development entitled "AS TWO SHIPS". AS TWO SHIPS is an extension to my recently published (Edgar Elgar Publishing) "History of American State and Local Economic Development: As Two Ships Pass in the Night" which outlines the history of "Mainstream ED" and Community Development through 1990. The course is offered in "bite-sized" themes that can be read online (or printed for free) in ten-fifteen minutes. We start with the first three themes; additional themes will be added on a regular schedule. Theme 1 is our conceptual introduction; Theme 2 is an introduction to East Coast and Midwest "Big City" Economic Development; and Theme 3 is Antebellum/Post-Civil War Southern Economic Development. Forthcoming Theme 4 will be Western Economic Development.  As Two Ships identifies key "Themes" in each period of our history and presents them in "Modules" which are about 4,000 words. Modules and themes are sequential, but each can be "stand alone so the reader is free to read what she/he wants in any sequence We will continue to add themes so that we carry the reader forward to the 21st Century--i.e. "today".

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The various reviews and commentary prepared by the Curmudgeon are grouped into themes. Each review offers the reader our take on an issue important to economic developers. The selection of themes will be changed from time to time. We will let you know when new commentaries come out, or new themes are presented for review. Each of the below Themes provides access to five to ten past commentaries. These commentaries provide background theory, explanation, analysis and critique to deepen and sharpen professional expertise.  

"Has Economic Development Lost its Ability to Innovate: Can We Practice What We Preach?

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Innovation, Knowledge-Based Economic Development: the Paradigm

Strategies, Tools, Case Studies, and Tricks of the ED Trade

Clusters, Suburbs and Regionalism: Placed-Based ED

ED Political Culture and Local Politics 

Community Development

Human Capital

ED Profession




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Theme 1: Our Conceptual Framework: the Chapter One Model

Theme 2: Birth of Mainstream & Community Development in North and Midwest, 1789 to the Civil War

Theme 3: Antebellum and Post-Civil War Southern Economic Development


 Future Themes and Scheduled Availability

Theme 4: the West in the Nineteenth Century--Happy Holidays

Theme 5: ED in the Gilded Age North/Midwestern Big Cities--Easter or IRS Tax Day